3rd Degree Silicone - Dark - 2oz kit

Manufacturer: Alcone Company
SKU: 3rdDegree-Dark -2
3rd Degree is an extremely versatile silicone product that can either resurface skin, or create small out-of-kit effects, and can even be poured into molds. It can be thinned with 99% Alcohol when uncured to blend into the skin.

3rd Degree Silicone Molding Component - Dark

Third Degree is a totally unique two-part silicone modeling and casting compound. It sets in less than five minutes, is intrinsically colored in flesh tones, and can be glued to the skin using itself as the adhesive, or a silicone medical adhesive.

  • Easy to use.
  • Non-toxic
  • 2 part silicone modelling compound 1 oz each
  • Safe on all skin types
  • Use directly on the skin or cast in a mold.
  • Self Adhesive
  • Cures in┬áminutes at a room temperature
  • Reusable

To use:
Mix equal amounts of parts A and B to 1:1 ratio. Transfer the combined product before it dries directly onto the skin or in a clean mold. If working directly on the skin, then simply create your desired look with a sculping tool. For a better result use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to blend the edges onto the skin while 3rd Degree is uncured. Once the two components are combined, this product will cure in approximately 10 minutes (at room temperature) so you need to work fast. To expedite the drying time, we recommend using a hair dryer.

Once cured, you can color your 3rd Degree creation with acrylic paint, cream based or alcohol-based makeup. For a strong hold, use any cosmetic grade based or medical adhesive and prep the skin with prime.

IMPORTANT: Once Part A and B are combined, the product will begin o set immediately so make sure not to cross contaminate the lids or any of the tools being used (tongue depressors, spatulas etc). Store and use at room temperature. Do not use any products that may contain sulfur or latex until the 3rd Degree has completely set.

Reusable! Effects you create can be peeled off and used again and again.

Ingredients include a proprietary blend of Platinum Silicone and Curing Agent.

2 jar of silicone Component A and B, 1oz each

Made in USA

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