TAG Flat Brush Size #8

Manufacturer: TAG Body Art
This brush is perfect for the TAG 1 stroke split cakes.

  Flat Brush Size #8

Flat Brush is a great flat brush for face painting for painting all sorts of designs. A flat brush is quite wide but not very thick which makes them perfect for use with split cakes/rainbow cakes.

A flat brush is the perfect shape to similtaneously pick up multiple colors from a splitcake/rainbow cake and paint multi coloured shapes, ribbons, flowers, rainbows etc in just one brushstroke!

Not only will a flat brush create a broad brushstroke, but if you turn it so you’re leading with the narrow edge, it’ll produce thin brushstrokes.

If you handle these brushes with care, they will last a very long time and you will have the pleasure of making beautifull artwork.


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