Superstar Bright Blue (Bright Blue FAB) 16 Gram (043)

Manufacturer: Superstar
SKU: 139-84.043

Superstar Bright Blue (Bright Blue FAB)  16 Gram (043)

The regular Superstar face paint colours are very user friendly, they can be used for bases and line work and produce really bright and vivid colours. The range is extensive with a massive choice of colours! These face paints are perfect as the main feature of your face painting kit. A brilliant all round paint, which delivers great, results every time

Superstar face paint is a great range of face paints in over 50 colours, including regular colours, shimmer, neon and glitter paint. It is a high quality face paint that is hand made in Holland in a family business.  It is a creamy paint with strong pigments and when activated with water, has a lovely smooth consistency. It glides onto the skin and is comfortable and gentle to wear. Apply the paint with a damp brush or sponge and remove with soap and water.

Superstar face paints are perfect for beginners through to advance face painters.

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