Superstar 12 Metallic Colours - 45g Palette Set w/ Plastic Case

Manufacturer: Superstar
Professional Palette set containing 12 45g Superstar Metallic colours, curated by the Hokey Pokey Team.

We put together this palette with colours to cover the whole spectrum of shimmer shades!

This palette includes the following colours:

140 Silver White Shimmer

223 Graphite Shimmer

141 Gold Shimmer

240 Cyclamen Shimmer

062 Baby Pink Shimmer

129 Golden Green Shimmer

234 Crystal Jubilee Shimmer

136 Tiger Shimmer

341 Peacock Shimmer

273 Snow Petrol Shimmer

058 Copper Shimmer

213 London Sky Blue Shimmer

Superstar Inc of Holland Presents a new line of face paint. The all new paint is a creamy blend of extreme pigment, smooth consistency, and a great price. The range of Superstar paint includes over 30 bold colors including shimmer and glitter colors. All new Superstar paints are very similar to Kryolan Aquacolor and Paradise AQ, because they are vibrant and bold and have a creamy consistency. They are applied using a damp brush or sponge and remove easily with soap and water.

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