Silly Farm - Face Fun Painting Kit - Mermaid

Manufacturer: Silly Farm

Silly Farm - Face Fun Painting Kit - Mermaid

The New Silly FACEFun kits by Silly Farm are a great kit for any artist. Whether you want to transform an afternoon into a fun face painting party, want to practice your face painting or surprise the young artist in your life witha  great beginner kit the classic kit is for you.

This kit will paint over 300 Fun faces and has a 5-7 year shelf life if stored in a cool dry place.  Included in your kit are:

  • 6 FAB Face Paints
    • Peacock
    • Ziva Blue
    • Amethyst Shimmer
    • Magenta Shimmer
    • Gold Shimmer
    • White Shimmer
  • 1 Emerald City Rainbow Cake
  • 1 Swirl brush
  • Mama Clown White Glitter
  • 1 High density sponge
  • Dolphin Flips Face Paint Stencil by Ooh! Body Art  (C04)
  • Mermaid crown Petite Face Paint Stencil by Ooh! Art (P02)
  • Mermaid Pink Power stencils 1103

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