Pearl Brillant White GLITTER (15ml)

Manufacturer: Amerikan Body Art
SKU: PWhiteG-15
Cosmetic grade glitter.Perfect for glitter tattoo's and face painting.
Brilliant Gold is an opaque solid color glitter. It can be used for face & body painting, glitter eyeliner, glitter tattoos, and for making nail polish. It is best used when you need a regular white for glitter tattoos. This color is NOT sparkly, so it is NOT ideal for facepainting. For sparkly white glitter try Holographic White glitter. Our Ultra- Fine glitters are .008 hex particle size.
Comes in a Poofer Bottle for fantasy makeup, face & body painting. 
Hold the poof bottle 1-3 inches from the design/skin and gently squeeze. For best results apply the glitter on top of a face painting design while its still wet so the glitter will stick to the paint.
Final SALE. Sorry, NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE, due to hygiene and quality reasons.

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