Graftobian Stipple Sponge (3/4"X2"X1") - Pack of 12

Manufacturer: Graftobian
SKU: J88435-12
The Stipple Sponge is perfect to create excellent special makeup effects


Stipple sponges (a synthetic charcoal colored, very course, web matrix filter sponge). Stipple sponges are used to create special makeup effects such as beard stubble, bruises, scrapes, or old age stippling. 

Feign the five o'clock shadow by dipping lightly into a dark creme makeup and lightly stipple the jaw, or use with red or maroon coloring on the nose or other facial areas to simulate broken or risen blood vessels, a common in old age effect.

Size: Each Stipple Sponge measures 1'' by 2’’ by ¾’’.

This product icludes 12 sponges.

If cleaned with warm water and soap it can be reused many time.

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