Global - Metallic Black - 32g

Manufacturer: Global Colours

Global Colours’ Metallic Black is a shiny, popular black that provides stunning even coverage for eye-catching bodypainted statues/armour, or for smaller designs such as 3D-realistic jewellery, or metallic accents on face painting and eye designs. Also looks stunning on the lips for avante-garde makeup looks.

Unsuitable for children under 36 months.

Directions for use: Activate the face paint with sealer or water to a creamy consistency and apply to the skin. The paint will dry quickly to a smudge free finish. Colours can be layered on top of each other, wait until first colour is touch dry before applying next layer.

REMOVAL: Remove easily from the skin with water and soap, makeup remover or makeup wipes.

Store in cool and dry place , with lid closed when not in use. Use within 12 months of opening the package.

Connforms to EU 1223/2009, but didn't approved by US FDA.

The container is 2 14/16 inches in diameter and 9/16 inches tall.

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