Craft Medley Super Glue - Extra strong (3pc)

Manufacturer: Multicraft
SKU: GL642

Craft Medley Super Glue - Extra strong (3pc)

Bonds:Rubber, Plastic, Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Wood

Instructions: To open tube, use cap to make a small hole in metal tube. Hold glue away from eyes and mouth. Open carefully to avoid contact with skin. Ensure both surfaces to be adhered are clean and dry. Use gloves to avoid contact with skin, and apply glue with extra care. Use one drop of glue for each 3cm area. Apply to only one of the surfaces. Quickly place both surfaces together with slight pressure. Bond is completed in seconds to one minute, depending on matrial. Leave for 24 hours for strongest bond. Clean away all ecess adhesive from container with tissue paper. Store in a cold dry place, out of reach of children.

Craft Medley Glue: Super Glue 3x1g Tubes in Safety Case Container

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