Body Art Transfer Kit - ABA

Manufacturer: Amerikan Body Art

Body Art Transfer Kit

Create transfers for quick and easy body art. You can use them for henna or for freehand glitter tattoo designs.

Kit Contents:

(30) pieces of 4" x 6" tracing paper

(2) hectograph transfer pencils

(1) dual size pencil sharpener

(30) alchol swabs, instructions


Place tracing paper over the desired image and trace with the hectograph pencil.  Remember that a transfer will be the reverse of the image you are tracing.

transfer process 1.jpg

Wet the skin with alcohol.

transfer process 2.jpg

Press the transfer face down onto the skin.

transfer process 3.jpg

Peel off the transfer and trace over the outlines with henna or body glue.

transfer process 4.jpg

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