Art Factory Boomerang Stencil - Boho Leaves (B009)

Manufacturer: Art Factory
SKU: B009
Stencils are great for face painting and airbrush tattoos!
Boomerang Stencil - Star Twinkle (B005) can be used to add stars design patterns to your face and body designs or air brush projects. Boomerang Stencils are comfortable to hold and rotate anywhere on your face or body, giving you the flexibility to create a range of design combinations.

Use: Our Boomerang Stencils are a great tool for Face Painting, Airbrush Painting, and many other art projects!

Size: 4.5" long x 2.5" wide in the thickest part of the boomerang shape. 
Material : Stencils are made out of 7.5 mil thick mylar using precision laser cut technology. 

How to Apply: Dampen a sponge or dauber with paint and tap over the stencil while holding it tight to the skin. After the paint is applied, peel the stencil off carefully. Please note, if your sponge has too much moisture in it, the design may bleed underneath.

Boomerang Stencils are made to be used over and over, and if stored flat, they can last for years. 

Cleaning your Boomerang Stencil is simple, just wipe with warm soapy water, and lay flat to dry on a towel. 

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