18" Standard Satin Infused Hanukkah Festival of Lights Foil Balloon (1pc)

Manufacturer: Anagram
SKU: 40425-01

18" Standard Satin Infused Hanukkah Festival of Lights Mylar / Foil Balloon (1pc)

Decorate your space for eight nights of fun with a Festival of Lights Hanukkah Balloon. The round foil balloon features a menorah illustration on a blue background made of Stars of David on one side. And menhora n the other  side. Each candle in the menorah represents one of the following values: "Celebrate," "Family," "Holiday," "Candles," "Joyous," "Miracle," "Peace," "Friendship," and "Tradition." Add the menorah balloon to a gathering of other balloons and accessories to create a balloon bouquet for your Hanukkah celebrations.

Size: 18"/45cm

Self Sealing

PLEASE NOTE: Balloon arrive uninflated

Helium inflated and weighted foil balloons available at HokeyPokeyBalloons.ca

Made in USA

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